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wireless module Nine keys Wireless remote control - Fuzhou ELINK Electronics Co., Ltd.
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Product Details

wireless module Nine keys Wireless remote control

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wireless module Nine keys Wireless remote control

Item specifics

Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Operating Temperature:
Brand Name:
Drive IC
Supply Voltage:

Product Description

  This module is the model of wireless module .We provide intelligent home furnishing manufacturer, SI4010 itself comes with MCU, has a great advantage on cost, wireless technology, we made it all the parameters to achieve optimal, meet the demand, we provide customized services, according to your needs, we provide you with a wireless module you of, you are welcome to call: 18950306567

  This module can be used for intelligent security alarm system, intelligent home appliances control system, intelligent lighting control system, intelligent environment monitoring system, intelligent remote meter reading system, intelligent windows control box, the intelligent control system, intelligent positioning service system, intelligent information acquisition and processing system.

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